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  • I remember walking through Jerusalem with him as we absorbed the aromas of the streets, down the Via de la Rosa we went. (Search Light Ministries newsletter, 2004)
  • Red roses did not line the Villa de la Rosa as Jesus walked the streets to Calvary; Hearts and balloons did not display a welcoming for this mighty King, He bore thorns of injustice, hate, and sin upon His brow. (
  • At Nazareth, Jesus was unable to do all that He would have wanted. And on that terrible and glorious day when He walked the Via De La Rosa, He cried out to a city that He wanted to Save, but “you would not have it”… (The Bible NETWork, Aug 23, 2006)
  • For Palestinians of Jerusalem, getting a personal ID, which ought to be a simple affair, has become the new via de la Rosa. (Counterpunch, August 9, 2003)

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Wikipedia explains:

> Whereas the names of many roads in Jerusalem are translated into English, Hebrew, and Arabic for their signs, the name Via Dolorosa is used in all three languages.

The link between the crucifixion of Jesus and roses is not quite clear to me, but appears to exist in the minds of some writers who are unclear about the sense of “dolorosa”, creating an Italian or Spanish sounding eggcorn from the Latin.

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