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  • Scan only the directory. Hackers can make symoblic links to actual programs in other directories so a program thinks their in one directory when they really aren’t. In lame man’s terms… a shortcut to the real file, all they do is put the real file outside the punkbuster or game directory and if punkbuster uses it they would break your new EULA… IT WON’T WORK. (link)
  • To summarize: they ARE your IISP, or Internet Infrastructure Service Provider. Or in lame man’s terms, they are the company that develops routing methods which allows your pocket to be delivered from east to west in the matter of <50ms instead of your typical 150ms from anywhere within USA. (comp.dcomp.xdsl list)
  • Mostly for revenge purposes… I’ll put it in lame man’s terms; A great amount of the people that I absolutely despise are involved in the TA community (link)
  • So he translated that she has a very very small infarct on her kidney. Which, in lame man’s terms, means her kidney is shrinking. Very little. He said it is not uncommon in old cats. (
  • I’d get up and help them fight against the plague’s evil, though, to my avail they are deceased. I say it in such lame-man’s terms, but i have become numb to any heartache, any pain. (link)

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    Commentary by Lame Man , 2005/05/18 at 7:52 pm

    I resemble that remark.

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