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  • CAMCOM designs data systems, including designs of pier-to-pier, client/server, ATM, frame relay, Internet connection, and voice over data systems. (Open Source Development Labs)
  • I’m using Vlans in my network as a way of preventing pier to pier communication - I only want nodes in the network to talk to the gateway (a linux box). (Global Management Systems Inc.)
  • Whether you need a Windows ‘95 pier-to-pier network or a Windows NT server-workstation network, A Faster PC® can provide a network solution for you. (A Faster PC)

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As with many terms from the field of computing, caution must be exercised regarding the status of non-standard spellings. In particular the community of open-source software developers is truly international, and mostly uses English as a lingua franca. This is not to say that only native speakers get to produce a true eggcorns. But it is very difficult to assess the degree of competence of a non-native speaker from reading a paragraph taken from an online discussion forum, which makes it impossible to determine what the contributing factors are that generate a particular linguistic error.

In Brighton, England, UK, and in Seattle, WA, USA, wireless networks have been set up along the waterfront. These go by the name of pier-to-pier networks as well. In which case the term is, of course, a pun.

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