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Classification: English – /r/-dropping

Spotted in the wild:

  • Headteachers have often defended their right to gain sponsorship from fizzy drinks and snack companies, saying it is a much sort-after source of income. (The Guardian, May 18, 2004)
  • It seems PI3Ks are an essential part of the long-sort-after ‘cellular compass’. (Babraham Institute Laboratory of Inositide)
  • Many of the sort after antiques of today are those items which had an everyday use. (World Collectors Net)
  • The wreck of the long-sort-for steam collier, Lady Darling (1864-1880), has been discovered near Montague Island on the New South Wales south coast. (Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology Newsletter, Sep. 1996)
  • I don’t claim it to be a ‘miracle’ but God has started something in me through the work of the Spirit in you, and I am grateful to Him and to you that the long sort for healing has started. (Jemimah Media)
  • Struggling actor Alex Grant (Matt Wolf) finally get’s the big break he has sort for on a new TV show from America but has to challenge the love of girlfriend Susie to achieve these goals. (MEV Productions)
  • In doing this, we need peace, the much sort for ingredient in solitude. (Ghanaweb, Oct. 4, 2002)

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A non-rhotic eggcorn, common in the UK and Australia where _sought_ and _sort_ are homonyms.

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