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  • Is it time to split the SDF into the armed forces and a kind of peace core? Can you have a force that thinks of itself as do-gooding Samaritans as well as ready to repel armed aggression from, say, North Korea? (Japan Today, discussion thread)
  • In addition, based on discussions with American Peace Core volunteers, the incidence of respiratory problems was common for many of the children due to the cold conditions they face on a daily basis. (Montana State University)
  • Thus it was a night of madness, people ran amok, I threw money away like a rampant millionaire, attempted to out drink the Russians, had a massive rumbling ‘discussion’ with an American peace core worker who agreed with the current war, disappeared for an hour and worried everyone before i was found backstage interviewing several (hot) breakdancers, then we hitched home (very common thing to do in the cities there - you pay the driver a small fare) in a mafiaish Mercedes Benz and the driver decided to boy race our friend Denise, weaving and spinning all through the wide streets, whilst I hung out the window yelling obscenities in typical chummy New Zealand talk which strangely freaked out the Ukrainians. (link)
  • During this time period he spent 2 years in the Peace Core in Dowa, Malawi, Africa working on the Malawi Public Health Project and 10 years later served as a staff physician on the Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Project Ocean Search Wuvulu Island, Papua New Guinea. (American College of Emergency Physicians)

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    Commentary by Bettina Winterfeld , 2005/02/20 at 3:31 pm

    A variation of this exists in German: Chor (choir) instead of Corps. Google has 19 hits for “diplomatische Chor” - most of which do not refer to musical activities by diplomats.

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