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  • Andrew is 22 and is from Glasgow. He has been a freelance copyrighter for the past 2 years, but is considering going back to university to study communication and mass media. (BBC Talents)
  • God this is a crap website. You should consider getting it redesigned by professionals. Your content is lacking in structure and is gramatically incorrect in parts. I suggest a copy righter be used in future. (comment on a blog)
  • Discover how to become an effective internet copyrighter. Download this free eBook to your PC. (
  • Basically I am a one man shop, but for a couple of bigger projects I have lined up I am playing around with the idea of outsourcing a graphic designer and a copyrighter. (link)

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There seems to be an increasing conflation between _copyright_ and _copywriting_ (the occupation of a _copy writer_). The examples above all use _copyrighter_ where there reference is a person employed to write advertising or publicity copy.

In other cases _copyrighter_ is used in the sense of _copyright holder_, but most of these writers appear to be non-native speakers.

See copyright»copywrite.

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    Commentary by Nancy Friedman , 2006/08/09 at 10:43 pm

    As a copywriter and a name developer, I get asked quite often whether I’m a “copyright attorney.” I explain (patiently, when possible) that I’m a writer-with-a-W and that names are subject to trademark protection, not copyright.

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