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Variant(s):  ex-patriot; expatriotism

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  • After a few days relaxing on the beach we headed inland to the beautifully maintained rain forests of Costa Rica. We rented a car (Toyota RAV4) and drove to the Monteverde Reserve - an area originally settled by expatriot Quakers who intentionally preserved a third of their land to leave wild. (link)
  • “I thought we could take part in our own ballot, which (British Prime Minister Tony) Blair is supposed to be organising next year. But as I live here it seems that’s not the case, so people like me are excluded,” said Barbara, an expatriot in her 60s from the Welsh city of Swansea. (AFP, via EU Business, UK, 2005/02/14)
  • The two Iraqi-born U.S. citizens traveled recently to the expatriot polling center in the Detroit suburb of Southgate to register. Dawoody says he won’t vote, but Mandwee is enthusiastic about it. (Kalamazoo Gazette, MI, USA, January 26, 2005)
  • Simone’s story is an often-told one, so I won’t belabor you with rehashing her legendary irascibleness or her protest of American policies as a long-standing exile as an ex-patriot in Paris, but if you are interested in that stuff, follow the link below. (link)
  • One Glendale man took part in this historic vote by casting his ballot in California Sunday. Although, the drive was approximately 14 hours roundtrip, Hussan Altaee felt it was well worth it. Hussan left Iraq 15 years ago to become a refugee in Saudi- Arabia then a U.S. Citizen and Iraqi ex-patriot. (KPHO Phoenix, AZ, USA, 2005/01/30)
  • Expatriotism is not enough… […] She’s always had the shimmering glamour of an expatriot, but now I have more! My city is cooler than yours! […] On the subject of expatriotism. I never realised I was one until I went home for Christmas this winter. [….] I have begun to detest being a foreigner here even though it sometimes feels every other person in London is from elsewhere. But being an expatriot is infinitely worse. […] The worst kind of expatriot is the expatriot journalist, or foreign correspondent - they are not merely arrogant and patronising but they spread their expatriot views for a job! The best kind of expatriot is your grandfather’s cousin who left for America in 1888 and hasn’t been heard from since. (link)

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    Commentary by Philip Jones , 2005/03/07 at 7:34 pm

    Actually, speaking as a card-carrying Quaker, lately I’ve felt that the ex-patriot label might be apt.

  2. 2

    Commentary by Arnold Zwicky , 2005/04/02 at 6:47 am

    James Cochrane, Between You and I, seems to think this is just a spelling error.

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