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  • Oh what joy, this hibiscus bloom has brought to me during this frigidly cold winter that we are experiencing. With the windshield factor, it is minus 41 below zero Farenheit in lovely southwestern Quebec. How I miss the warmth of the garden! (
  • Obviously, it will be the coldest when crossing the pass, where strong winds can make the wind shield factor even much worse than the actual temperature. (link)
  • On December 20, at noon, when this picture was taken on the McGill campus, it was -26 degrees with a windshield factor of -40. (link)
  • Compute how cold wind feels. Every microclimate depends on several factors that make the particular location warmer and less damaging to plants during freezes. The most important is the windshield factor. The following chart gives you an idea of how much draft can reduce the temperature or how much of a difference a protective blanket will make. (link)

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  • This was discussed in 1998 on alt.usage.english (the exact reference is missing)
  • commenter codeman38 (on this site)

Several people report online that they learnt the standard spelling and meaning of this term somewhat late in life. This is an example:

> I used to think that the wind-chill factor was the wind-shield factor, and that when you touched the windshield of your car, that’s what temperature it felt.

See also Winchell factor.

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