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  • For most companies that offer traditional co-op advertising programs, very little is ever paid to the results of those programs and most typically begin the next year with a “rubber stamp” of the program from last year. Relatively little is done to analyze the performance – even for those who don’t take a “zero sum gain” approach to channel promotion. (link)
  • I think that most economists would not regard the stock market as a zero-sum gain. (Game Theory Forum)
  • Zero-Sum-Gain is an economics term used to describe a theory that says there is a finite and limited supply of wealth in the world and so the more you have the less I can have. […] God’s ways are not a Zero-Sum-Gain. Your blessing does not affect my blessing and mine does not affect yours. (
  • The world is not a zero-sum game where America’s wealth comes at the expense of others. (link)

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See also _gamefully employed_.

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