distraught » diswrought

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Spotted in the wild:

  • I always respond that she was the first one I called each time, but she was so diswrought over my sister she never heard me. (link)
  • But comparing getting mugged for drug cash to being diswrought because you saw some lesbians making out is hardly a good comparison. (link)
  • I AM a single father raising one of my three kids (14, 16, and 20). My daughter (16), is very diswrought over something right now, and we are going for a “pleasure” drive at 12:30 on a school night. We get along great, but occasionally there are a few bumps. (link)
  • As his mother was emotionally diswrought, most of the care for the young child fell on other domestics of the Tower, who did their best to raise a fine young man. (link)

We have already found out that _wreak/wrought_ — see wreak»reek and wreak»wreck — is linked, in the mind of many, to unpleasantness, chaos and destruction.

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