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Variant(s):  egg clair, egg-clair

Classification: English – cross-language

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  • Desserts
    […] Fresh Fruits in Season
    Mini Napoleons and Pastries
    Mini Eggclairs
    Assorted Fancy Cookies
    […] (US Mercant Marine Academy, buffet selection)
  • But when the meal is done you must wander over to the 6 foot pastry case and pick out one of the homemade desserts. There are numerous fruit squares. Egg clairs, jumbo cookies, unbelievably moist triple chocolate layer cake, and you will never have apple struedel like theirs. (link)
  • […]
    New York Style Cheesecake
    Miniature Eggclairs
    Petite fours
    German Chocolate Cake
    […] (Renaissance Catering)
  • Sounds like my mom! Everytime I come home from college & go shopping with her, I get all my health foods. She always ends up buying chocolate ice cream, eggclairs etc. etc. (link)
  • We also went to the Italian Deli and Bakery. Picked up some fresh Locatelli Cheese right off the rind and some great Italian Bread. Yum. Also some mini Chocolate Eggclairs. (link)

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The standard form can also be spelled with the original acute accent: _éclair_.

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