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  • Your expert medical skills set aside; you have a wonderful bedside manor. Simba just adores you. It is unbelievable how well you treat him, not like a patient, but a dog that needs help. (link)
  • He is a very skilled laparoscopic surgeon and has done many major surgeries. His nurse, Kristy, is very caring. He has both a good bedside manor and a great deal of competence. (link)
  • But it goes by so fast and if you have a piercer with a good bedside manor that makes all the difference then being pierced by someone who just grunts at you, they really help to ease your mind. (link)
  • I am looking for a discreet affair, with a gentleman that is overly romantic and sexy, with hypnotic eyes and a great bedside manor, with a deep sexy voice that will knock my sox off, and is very romantic and likes to wear aftershave, and is tall and good looking, and has a great sense of humor, loves to have fun and that is financially secure. (link)

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The confusing ambiguity in the expression _to the manor/manner born_ should also be noted here. Arnold Zwicky mentioned it in his post Still on the eggcorn beet.

The Columbia Guide to Standard American English tells us:

> These words are homophones, manner meaning “a mode of behavior” (see also KIND), manor, “a house or mansion and its land.” To the manner born is an idiom meaning “from birth accustomed to the behavior expected and therefore able to meet the standards easily,” and To the manor born is an idiom meaning “accustomed as from birth to the ways and demands of being landed gentry.” Manner appears to have the stronger literary sanction (see Hamlet I.iv.15), but both forms of the idiom are in use in Standard English.

_To the manor born_ has about three times the number of Google hits as _to the manner born_, but this could be simply because there is a British comedy of that name.

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