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Spotted in the wild:

  • (1) This is a real powerhorse of a game, on two CDs; perhaps too powerful for the average machine in the home today. (2) If you need a powerhorse to cope with large flies, big or windy rivers and/or heavy sinkers there is nothing better. (3) Although it is a small kiln, it is a powerhorse for fusing and worked well for annealing. (link)

Reported on Philip Hofmeister’s blog for 4 February 2005. Hofmeister notes:

“Powerhorse” gets about 5,420 whG, while “powerhouse” gets 2,540,000, so it’s only about a 0.2 % eggcorn by the standards of Language Log . And for some reason, a huge proportion of the examples involve computers and software.

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    Commentary by Richard Carroll , 2006/03/31 at 1:55 pm

    Influnced by “horsepower”?

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