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  • According to Adam Smith, market has an ability to manage itself by the “invincible hand”. (link)
  • Even in a full-dress market economy like the United States, the “invincible hand” of market forces of demand and supply is not necessarily the “Hand of God”. (link)
  • We are essentially back to the age of Adam Smith who believed in the “invincible hand of the markets”. (link)
  • Would you agree with me that the purpose of regulation, therefore, is basically to stand in the place of what I believe was referred to as the invincible hand of the marketplace? (link)
  • During the past decade, the foreign exchange market has been the invincible hand guiding the purchase and sale of goods, services and raw materials in every corner of the globe. (link)

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References to the or an “invincible hand” are common in the contexts of card games and religion. From there they appear to have spread into economics.

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