cold-hearted » cold harded

Variant(s):  cold-harded

Classification: English – /t/-flapping

Spotted in the wild:

  • Combined with him are his team, the sanke like Kaidoh, Power hitters, Taka, and Momo, the acrobatic Eiji, the calculating and sometimes saddistic Inui, the genius player Fuji, the inspirational Oishi, and finally the cold-harded and demanding captian Tezuka. (DALnet #anime)
  • Drugs and alcohol can do a number on people. It’s a cold harded fact. (link)
  • I feel that I am a cold harded person. (link)
  • How does the judicial system decide who is fit for the death sentence while other cold harded killers/repeat offenders stay in jail thier whole lives. (link)

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See also die-hard » die-hearted; hardship » heartship.

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