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  • With Accounting Information System (AIS), the fine art of bookkeeping takes on a new meaning. Businesses no longer need to content with piles of logbooks that tend to collect heaps of dust. (Develop An Accounting Package Using VB)
  • [Planned Parenthood] does have a lot to content with regarding Margaret Sanger. (link)

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  • Erika at Kittenishly Doomy Thoughts (link)

_Contend (v.)_ derives from Latin _contendere_ (stretch out, strive after) and _contain (v.)_ from _continere_ (hold together), so both go back to the same root. The adjective _content_ (in the sense of “satisfied”) confuses the issue further. There is a continuum of meanings stretching from “struggling against something” via “reluctantly putting up with something” and “accepting the presence of something ” to “being satisfied about something”.
So it is no wonder that a [Google search](…) for “_[ need | needs | has | have] to content with_” throws up results that fall on any point on this scale, most of them somewhere around the “put up with” point.

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