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Spotted in the wild:

  • Footage of a horse and handsome cab riding through Central Park pops off the screen, causing audience members to reach out and try to touch the animal. They’ve been fooled by an optical illusion. (link)
  • Initially she drove a wagonette drawn by a ‘pair of polished horses who trotted briskly’ and a handsome cab before she was forced to buy a car because of increasing competition. (link)
  • This great new book makes the wonderful diversity of American carriages available in countless outstanding and detailed Victorian engravings, each with a detailed description. It features 168 illustrations of carriages - most from the period of 1850 to 1900: chaises, dog carts, handsome cabs, sulkies, road carts, piano-box buggies, surreys…the list goes on and on. (link)
  • When you are ready to “shop ’til you drop” relax and grab a handsome cab…. and discover a comfortable and charming way to window shop. (link)

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The Hansom cab is named after its inventor, Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803 - 1882).

Ken Lakritz comments: “An obsolete but very good-looking conveyance!”

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