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  • Unfortunately, because we spent so much time working on the wrap we didn’t have time to learn a double Axle or a triple, so with only a double lutz, I skated my way to a sixth place finish which I was very pleased with. (link)
  • For the meantime, however, she has other things to worry about: like will she ever be able to do a triple axle, and will she be able to afford to pay for the coaching and incidental expenses which become a major financial commitment at her level of skating? (link)
  • Even if you’re not yearning to try a double axle or triple toe loop, it can’t hurt to sign up for a lesson or two with a seasoned skater. (link)
  • Todd kept warming up his combination. Although during the competition he did a triple axle/double toe, he did indeed hit a triple axle/triple toe during warm-up. (link)

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The figure skating jump is named after the Norwegian skater Axel Paulsen (1856–1938). Like all the other skating jumps, it involves a rotative movement.

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