each his » each’s

Chiefly in:   to each's own

Variant(s):  eaches, each is, each as

Classification: English

Spotted in the wild:

  • “But all in all I thought this was a spectacular album that grabs me and pulls me in everytime I listen to it. But then again to each’s own I guess…” (link)
  • “Freedom of speech is very important, but i think its better to say how u feel to the persons face, just my oppinion. to each’s own.” (link)
  • “I dont understand why someone would spend that much on the 3.0g when intel is already starting there next line. But to eaches own but i can relate to your parents not letting use there credit card.” (link)
  • “To each is own, I guess. Your definition gives you happiness, just like Frank’s gives him his.” (link)
  • “I’m for the most part against reading and posting at the TOW sites particularly when you are very new to the infidelity nightmare. But to each as own” (link)

Cites supplied to me by Tommy Grano.

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