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  • Suddenly a bus pulled up next to a small group of poor Nepalese children sitting alongside the road, a fairly large American woman pushed a $10 bill through the window and shoved it in front of one of the children’s faces. I was uphauled. (link)
  • I was shocked and uphauled at the actions and rash minds of certain people. (link)
  • After reading last weeks article about the prospect of Hector not fighting and staying in Troy with his family, I have to say I am uphauled by your lack of up to date facts. (link)
  • I was completely uphauled by this, and so promptly turned around and tried to get as many people interested as I could in Linux. (link)
  • It’s probably because this is such a student-based town, but the anti-war following in this town is uphauling. (link)
  • The violence that the media portrays as entertainment is uphauling to me. (link)
  • Having a 3-day rally event summarized in one little hour is uphauling. (link)
  • What makes the style so uphauling that we’re forbidding its return? (link)
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    Commentary by kenif , 2006/01/27 at 3:47 pm

    Why is this not a malapropism?
    As a windsurfer, I’ve had many uphauling experiences.
    (The uphaul is the rope [more correctly, sheet] that is used to pull up sails.)

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