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  • Raould Hoffmann (2 time Nobeloriate in theoretical chemistry) said: “The vast majority of great things comes not in one flash of progress, but the accumulation of small things”. (link)
  • I can now say I’ve met a Nobeloriate! (link)
  • That series is one that you’ve just had a discussion about, the Handbook of Economics and is edited by a nobeloriate. (link)

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The phrase “Nobel laureate” has also spawned such contracted forms as Nobelaureate and Nobelauriate — these are perhaps modeled on the single-word _baccalaureate_. The respelling of _Nobeloriate_ makes this variant a bit more eggcorny, as it seems to be influenced by forms like _professoriate_ (also reminiscent of _secretariat_, _proletariat_, _commissariat_, etc.?).

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    Commentary by Ken Lakritz , 2005/07/03 at 7:16 am

    The related eggcorn substituting ‘noble’ for ‘Nobel,’ yielding ‘Noble Prize,’ is widespread on the the internet.

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