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  • My female spade cat has a problem peeing on my bath rugs. (link)
  • There is an unspade male cat that: #1: has sprayed my house and my property #2: has killed animals that we feed like chipmunks and birds THE OWNER SHOULD PLEASE TAKE ACTION! (link)
  • Gentle observation, beautifully drawn characters - I still cant quite beleive that a portrayal of a recently spade cat could be such great comedy material, (link)
  • My Vera is spade. That’s right, spade. […] First off, I was completely unaware that once a female cat has been spade they still engage in lusty encounters with males. (rec.pets.cats.anecdotes)

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Marked as “questionable” because the link between the procedure and the digging implement is rather unclear. Still, on the ADS-L mailing list, Johnathan Lighter [notes](…):

> [W]hen I first heard the word “spayed” as a child, the only sense I could make out of it was that they used a tiny spade (a sharp instrument) to do it.
> Presumably, others have been similarly misled.

A minority among cat (and to a lesser degree dog) owners appear to have a verb _spade_ in their vocabulary, the past participle of which can also show up as _spaded_, and a noun _spade_ (and sometimes a nominalised form _spading_):

* Our other cat just got spaded yesterday and she was up on her hind legs yowling and weaving looking at the other side of the water heater. ([link](…))
* Do you have any idea how many poor kitties get gased? Spade and neutering works but these supposed cat lovers let them breed like rats ([link](…))
* So,in my usual blunt manner I wrote her back to send money earmarked for cat neutering/ spading and we would do just that. ([link](…))

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    Commentary by Q. Pheevr , 2005/06/25 at 8:35 pm

    Also attested as a deliberate pun, as in the following bumper sticker slogan:

    I ♥ MY CAT;
    I HAD HER ♠

  2. 2

    Commentary by Chris Waigl , 2005/06/25 at 8:55 pm

    In the ADS-L thread, several versions of the bumper sticker or poster were reported, among which:

    > I ♥ my cat.
    > I ♠ my dog.
    > I ♣ my wife.


    > I ♣ seals
    > I ♠ cats
    > I ♥ NY

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    Commentary by Owen , 2006/04/12 at 6:31 am

    The local ads are filled with offers of spade or spaded animals. They bring to mind Dorothy Shay’s “Ive Been To Hollywood”: “our dog, too, can play like dead. we just beats him on the head”

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