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Spotted in the wild:

  • No matter how voiceterous(sp) we are, we are less than 3% of Nextel subscribers. (link)
  • ut I think Mercy fears I am too … opinionated? voiceterous? outspoken? I’m not sure.. well I wish him luck on the admin hunt, and you luck moderating that server urdead! (link)
  • So, What does Curtis have to do to prove he is a top-tier back? He gets little respect (among the voiceterous (sp)). (
  • Question period gets loud and voiceterous sometimes, but the attack tends to stay more on the issues. Names happen but are kept to a minimum because they are a sign that the person does not have a logical defense and is a sign for the others to go in for the kill. (link)

_Voiceterous_ is in the [Urban Dictionary](…), and appears to be used mostly in puns. Still, some occurrences are genuine.

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