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Spotted in the wild:

  • “Another version of the above counter or vessel style sink. (photo curtsey of customer).” (link)
  • “Colour Mixing with Effetre (Moretti) curtsey of Kay Powell.” (link)
  • “Our Daily Screenshot comes to us curtsey of Baja’s Knights of Steel. In today’s image we see…” (link)
  • “…could stoop no lower in his career of selling out the land of his birth and the cause of his Protestant forefathers, he pays a curtsey call on the Pope…” (link)

The politeness of the curtsey as a gesture probably accounts for “courtesy” >> “curtsey”. “Curtsey of” in attributions of sources, as in the first three cites, is reasonably frequent — about 4,000 Google webhits on 1 July 2005 (as against about 26,000,000 for “courtesy of”) — while “curtsey call” is much less frequent (ca. 100 webhits) and is mostly confined to sources in Africa and South Asia, though the cite above is from a source in Northern Ireland.

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