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Spotted in the wild:

  • With a mise en scène that incorporates a backdrop of urban dystopia and decay, apocalyptic horsemen on hobbyhorses, a Shaker tune/Rumi poem mash-up, and rowdy audience feedback (which is highly encouraged), this rubble-rousing performance should make the usual picketing and sloganeering seem downright conservative. (link)
  • Fortunately, millions of you didn’t fall for any of that liberal rubble-rousing. (link)
  • It is easy for a rubble-rouser in a democratic garb to rise (and rise fast) to the highest pinnacle of power. (link)
  • Then, from an entirely different perspective, some rubble-rouser like Jean-Marie Le Pen will come up with an inflammatory statement and single-handedly revive the discussion about the nature of Nazi occupation in the Second World War. (link)

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Bernard Greenberg notes:

> Rabble, denoting masses of “ordinary” people, has fallen out of currency; in its wake, rubble, today de facto limited to the granular ruins of bombed structures, is usurping it in this phrase, giving us rubble rouser to eggcornically suggest one whose vigorous actions stir up dust-storms.

See also _rebel-rouser_.

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