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Chiefly in:   stalk raving mad

Classification: English – /r/-dropping

Spotted in the wild:

  • Why are there kids playing in the lap pool? That is what the other pool is for!!!! I would be stalk raving mad too!!!! (link)
  • Not only does he express the inner thoughts of Willhelm, yet shows a personal side which expresses the crown prince’s poryphia stricken reduced him to a stalk raving mad wildabeast. Not only was he stalk raving mad, the wildabeast confronted his homosexual tendencies with Eulenburg and Walderee. ( customer review)
  • They will probably be mobbed by stalk raving mad girls. (link)
  • I’m not a stalk-raving-mad-scientist-full-blown-aficionado-coffeegeek yet….yet. (
  • Then emailed a bunch of Mac applications home, only to have them look like the alphabet gone stalk raving mad (link)
  • You would be surprized at how much one person could listen to the same 3 beatles tapes over and over and over again without going stalk raving mad. (link)

See also _stark raven mad_ and _star-craving mad_.

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