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  • The long head of the biceps muscle runs right over this and the short head runs right along the side of it. So just by understanding that bicep recruitment is inevitable, trying to cut the biceps out of the picture with various hand placements is a mood point. (
  • With a scream the boy awoke from his dream and cupped his face. That’s when he noticed the blood and looked down. He had slept walked and unknowingly killed his parents. Or did he know. It was a mood point now. (link)
  • Having a deterministic view on life, as you well know, morality is a bit of a mood point to me personally, as predetermination ultimately does not give people a choice in how they behave and what they do. As such morality, or the justice system for that matter, are artificial constructs to keep society functioning. (link)

Rarer than its cousin, [mute point](…).

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    Commentary by Jeff Matson , 2005/11/04 at 6:48 pm

    There was a “Friends” episode where the Joey character said something was a “moo” point. Like as if a cow said it, so it doesn’t matter,.. it’s “Moo”

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