hardship » heartship

Chiefly in:   financial heartship , claim heartship

Classification: English – /t/-flapping

Spotted in the wild:

  • They believe that because I want to continue this relationship I am taking myself down a trail of pain and heartship. (link)
  • I am desperate - I earned 80K a year and losing this LTD is a major heartship for me - My COBRA expires in 7 days so I also have to pay for RX’s going forward - which I was prepared for - so now - I am faced with do I pay my mortgage or buy drugs? (link)
  • Your financial heartship may be their crucible to true adulthood. (link)
  • I hope that some people make it out, just to save the little sister in high school the heartship of hearing that their brother is dead b/c of a heroin overdose. (link)
  • Time To Profit From Financial Heartship (link)
  • can i get my heartship license when im 15 so i can ride alone the reason im asking is i have no ride to school (link)
  • Don’t be so quick to claim heartship, many people from my home town died at ground zero, including a great long-time friend who worked at KF. (link)

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  • Barry Popik (on the ADS-L listserv)

[Updated to incorporate some expressions and occurrences suggested by Laurence Horn on ADS-L. C.W.]

See also cold-hearted » cold harded; die-hard » die-hearted.

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    Commentary by Bernard Greenberg , 2005/07/08 at 5:20 pm

    At least one citation here reveals a substitution for “heartbreak”, not “hardship”, a notion which seems to color the others as well (i.e., not just a hardship, but a heartbreaking one).

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