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Chiefly in:   shore-term , in shore supply

Classification: English – final d/t-deletion

Spotted in the wild:

  • Chalk and erasers are in shore supply. (U Mississippi, "Improving College Teaching")
  • This incident took place in early 1974, when TOW components were in shore supply. (
  • Leasing allows for the preservation of bank lines of credit, which can be kept unencumbered for shore term borrowing. (AC Capital Leasing)
  • Medicare only provides shore-term benefits (a maximum of 100 days) for skilled care in a nursing home, following a three-day hospital stay. (New Life Styles Online)
  • No matter what one thinks of the merits of the recall initiative, its shore-term implications for the California economy are negative because it adds additional uncertainty and instability to a political environment that is already chaotic. (California Healthcare Institute)

Analyzed or reported by:

As Ken Lakritz noted in his commentary, this eggcorn is rather puzzling. Maybe there is an influence of _shore up_. What is going on here?

The 500-600 GHits for _shore-term_ must be compared to the over 32 million for the original _short-term_. I can’t find anything unambiguous for _shore-tempered_, _shore-changed_ or _shore-lived_, and _in shore supply_ is rare.

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