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Chiefly in:   spurt of the moment

Classification: English – final d/t-deletion

Spotted in the wild:

  • It is very easy to punish the guilty at the spurt of the moment but to pardon someone and try to extract the evil genius of one’s mind is one of the noblest acts stressed by Islam. (link)
  • What’s the best city for wild, spurt of the moment partying? (TangerineMagazine.com)
  • The second drawback is that the populace often votes on the spurt of the moment. (link)
  • I am refering to those spurt-of-the-moment things people make up. (New Words from Foreign Languages)
  • He very rarely acts on spurt of the moment ideas. He’s definitely NOT impulsive / or compulsive like the others. (link)
  • My big brothers and their friends would sometimes, at the spurt of the moment, force-stop the elevator as we rode. (link)

Analyzed or reported by:

  • Mark Peters (link)
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