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Chiefly in:   straight as a narrow

Classification: English

Spotted in the wild:

  • Some of these trees stand out like the mighty sentinels of the ages, towering heavenward, 200 or 300 feet in height, straight as a narrow and free from limbs until the top is reached, and from four to six feet in diameter. (link)
  • I had been making a conscious effort that week more than normal to fly straight as a narrow and to be the righteousness of God. (link)
  • I only went as far as the nearest bit of tidal water, which thanks to the magic of the Hundred Foot Drain (which runs straight as a narrow forty miles from Denver Sluice up to Earith) is only actually about ten miles away. (link)

Created via metanalysis, just like _an apron_ (from _a napron_).

Possible influence of the plural _narrows_ (AHD4):

>1. A body of water with little width that connects two larger bodies of water.
>2. A part of a river or an ocean current that is not wide.

See also _the straight and arrow_.

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