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  • The power of His mighty hand,
    Which saved my soul from Hell;
    Stands ready at my beacon call,
    My worries to dispel.
    (Poetry from the Psalms, 1994)
  • God Who knows everything about us, is watching us, and crossing His arms, and shaking His head at our audacity at expecting Him to be at our beacon call whenever we want, while we just go our own little way, doing our own little thing, doing whatever we want, when we want. (, Mar. 19, 2004)
  • Now that I am able to put my full concentration on EPI/PPT I am at your beacon call to answer questions, and assist you if you choose to join the best thing I have ever seen. (Money Talk forum, Nov. 4, 2004)

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See also beckon call and beckoned call.

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