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  • This only confirms the age old practice of caste higherarchy where a higher caste man marrying a woman from lower caste is more aceptable than woman from higher caste marrying a lower caste man. (indiafamily.net)
  • She took the advice of many and went through all the proper channels in the Higherarchy of the church. (term-papers.us)
  • In 1978, Berg destroyed the higherarchy make-up of the group. There had been rummurs of maltreatment and abuse. When the higherarchy was distroyed, some of the “higher leaders” left due to no power. (link)
  • For you will be moving from a profession founded principally on meritocracy and ability to get the job done — your worth is based primarily on the quality of your work, to a profession founded principally on higherarchy and ‘length of service’ — your worth will be perceived strictly according to your position within the ’school higherarchy’ …at least initially. (link)
  • Dominance Higherarchy Influences Adult Neurogenesis In The Dentate Gyrus (U Wisconsin-Madison, from: Neuroscience 675 Required Reading)

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