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  • He thought she was rather wacky, but dealing with a mysterious killer ghost who has a pension for blueberry pie, and an overly nosy group of customers, he’s starting to wonder just how much they can take before they both get committed for being insane. (myshelf, book review)
  • So, in a round about way NOT giving money to a homeless man helped him more so than giving him money, and because I had a pension for believing in ironies rather than straightforward logic, I bought into the idea and do not generally give away money to anyone, including charities. (paranormal news)
  • My father had no love of fishing, as he did not share my pension for indolence. (humor is relative)
  • If you know that you like pansori or have a pension for eclectic films, give Chunhyang a try. Otherwise, proceed with caution. (movie review at

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