Tanager » teenager

Chiefly in:   Scarlet Teenager , Summer Teenager

Classification: English – questionable

Spotted in the wild:

  • While visiting Iowa in 1893, the Czech composer Anton Devorak hears the song of a scarlet teenager and is inspired to create a new piece of music. (Arizona Arts Education Resources)
  • The Nature Conservancy’s 15-year old Kern River Preserve is part of one of the largest remaining cottonwood-willow riparian forest in California. The 1’100 acre preserve is home to several rare species including the willow flycatcher, the summer teenager and yellow-billed cuckoo. (link)

Analyzed or reported by:

The Scarlet Tanager (_Piranga olivacea_) and the Summer Tanager (_Piranga rubra_) are species of birds. More information on their distincive calls from U Cornell.

Marked “questionable” because of low frequency.

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