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  • Many claim that this riff between the party grassroots and the DC Democrats is a fundamental identity crisis. (countercurrents.org, 24 August, 2005)
  • But, look, Andrea, my greatest concern is this gigantic riff between the rhetoric we hear from the administration and the reality on the ground and it’s causing the American people to abandon what is an essential fight we have. (MSNBC, Interview with Sen. Joe Biden, Aug. 17, 2005)
  • But despite their intelligence and wisdom, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would spend much of their later lives hating each other. It took the pen of Abigail Adams to soften the pain and begin a dialogue with Jefferson that would eventually mend the riff between these two great men. (myhero.com)
  • Hey, this may seem a little bit of a lame question..lol. But why is there such a riff between ‘metal’ and ‘punk’ (Idiotpilot.com forum, Jul 26, 2005)
  • It’s just possible that the riff between Snape and Sirius started out as a “boy’s will be boy’s” scenario until Sirius sent Snape in after Remus and then it turned into a real hatred. (Harry Potter Fan Zone forum, Apr 17, 2005)

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