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  • Quizzes and exams are open book and open notes. This is in keeping with course philosophy that holds that understanding the issues is far more useful and important than learning by route. (link)
  • “In the beginning, school will be hard, but then, everything has been. I can drive fine, but I can’t go anywhere,” she joked. “I have no visual perception, and have to learn things by route and repetition, so as soon as I learn where I’m going by landmarks, they change it. […]” (link)
  • Next Thoreau refers to the great lesson which we are to learn, whether by route or by understanding. (link)
  • There are those who learn things by route, and when one asks a question they point you out to the manuals. They don’t understand that grasping the conceptual logics behind something is the furthest exact opposite of what a manual accounts and stands for. (link)
  • MaxSkill Trainer offers 400+ training problems that allow you to focus on specific state curriculum requirements. Additionally, an unlimited number of Skill Sharpening © drill training problems helps students learn mathematical equations by route. (MaxSkill Software Trainer)
  • When children were taught the alphabet at a young age they learned it by route and by the time they were at an age to question things they had already accepted the alphabet as being the way it was and there was no reason to question it. (link)

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