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  • Tommy Lee was going crazy on the drums, and had busted a symbol and his snare within the first few songs. (mke online, Aug. 18, 2005)
  • I had a basic set of Premier drums, one mounted tom-tom, a snare drum and bass drum, one crash symbol and one rise symbol. (quoted in, Oct 31, 2004)
    Basic Ludwig 5 piece set with many accessories added!
    6 Sabian symbols with attachment boom stands
    4 crash symbols, 1 ride symbol, 1 splash symbol, cow bell
    extra tom tom with brand new skins on all tom toms
    double bass pedal ( top of the line ludwig )
    mint condition, 1 year old
    asking $1000.00 (FIRM) (, Mar 14, 2005)
  • Remo Enforcer 5 piece with symbols is a perfect set for beginners. It can be easily upgraded with a symbol pack. (, product review)

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