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  • Intuitively moral conduct is based on the assumption that the consequences of all actions must be taken in consideration. “An act is morally just when it leads to the best consequences compared to other acts (van Willigenburg, 1993, p. 28). This is a consequentionalist norm. This raises the question what should be the goal standard to all conduct. (link)
  • We have argued with the NIH that our cell lines, because we’ve worked with them so long and have characterized them so much, should be the goal standard against which other lines are compared to evaluate whether they’re useful or not, and NIH hasn’t quite agreed to that, but they have asked us to put on a week long wet lab exercise when the funding finally begins to teach the NIH researchers what we’ve learned, what I’ve shared with you today, and how to handle these cells, and we’re very happy to go and do that. (link)
  • ‘Platinum’ would become the goal standard for dealer participation in co-op’s programs (link)

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The “individual reanalysis” nature of this eggcorn is blurred by the expression _goal standard_ having gained a foothold in bureaucratic speech, in the sense of “the standard against which the attainment of a goal is measured”.

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