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  • Are you customer driven and revenue focused? Are you a negotiator with a flare for persuasion? (link)
  • For one IPFW grad, a flare for the theater led to award-winning costume design (link)
  • Feeney, who has served one term in Congress, representing a district east of Orlando, has a reputation as a devout neoconservative with a flare for using hot-button issues to his advantage. (New Times)
  • Smith always had a flare for the dramatic, and his announcement proved to be no different. (The Docket, February 8, 2005)
  • Within a few moments, Stone, the star of such top-grossing films as “Basic Instinct,” had shown how fame and a flare for drama could inject a passionate message into a complex debate. (International Herald Tribune, January 29, 2005)

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