bandied » branded

Chiefly in:   branded about

Variant(s):  branding about

Classification: English

Spotted in the wild:

  • They created a brand and branded it about, long before marketing theory had fully embraced such a philosophy. (
  • A logical, compelling argument, not for the Christianity that is branded about by politicians and evangelists, but for the eternal story that is its heart. (, blog entry, June 02, 2005)
  • Meantime, rumours are being branded about that Willem Dafoe has shot a cameo for “Spider-Man 2″, reprising his role as The Green Goblin. ( news, Mar 19, 2004)
  • During converstation I said that in the Rock World the word “genius” was branded about alot but Russell said that Eno was worthy of that title. (, Jan 4, 1998)
  • This is also likely to happen in other countries, but the portuguese press - much like the portuguese people - usually have this tendency to keep branding about one’s glories. (Codex Forums, Jun 30, 2004)

Analyzed or reported by:

Will Rigby reported seeing “There’s a fair few maybes being branded about” in the subtitles of the opening episode of
the two-part film “Class of ‘76″.

The eggcorn doesn’t work for all grammatical usages of _bandy about_: The final /i/ sound has to be present in the eggcorn. _Branded about_, most of the time as a passive, yields several hundred occurrences on the web. The past tense or the -ing form _branding about_ are less frequent.

The connection appears to be the idea of giving something prominence, just as brand names do for products.

See also bantied about.

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