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  • Following the parting of the waves between Hayle Harbour Company and their development partner London and Amsterdam Developments, we can reveal that Penwith District Council is seriously considering the compulsory purchase of Hayle Harbour, a move which would see it removed from the control of the present owners. (SOSHayle, UK)
  • The Anglo-Irish Treaty, which ended the War of Independence, caused a parting of the waves. Those opposed to the treaty, the so-called Irregulars, retained their uniforms and fought against the Free State Army in the Civil War. (Triskelle)
  • Moston and Beswick had something of a difficult parting of the waves with Robert Taylor last year, and lost a number player in the process, so it will be interesting to see if they have recovered since then. (4BarsRest.com, 14th March 2004)
  • He identified three distinct evolving characteristics that have in part caused a parting of the waves when it comes to supply and demand: […] (NewsMax.com, Sept 24, 2005)

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See also _airwaves»airways_.

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    Commentary by Sean , 2006/01/01 at 9:00 am

    While I thought ‘parting of the ways’ was correct, I assume people are thinking of Moses and the Red Sea or something when they use this expression, although the contexts they use it in doesn’t make sense that way.

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