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Variant(s):  whole mark

Classification: English

Spotted in the wild:

  • We see the European Union and NATO as complementary and mutually perfecting each other, the whole mark of the European Union is prosperity and that of NATO is security. (link)
  • However the membership carries with it a wholemark of high professional standard and high professional education (BCS accreditation of courses and set of exams) and numbers of companies require membership of the BCS from their employees. (link)
  • Literary analysis, explication de texts, essay writing, in depth class discussions are the wholemark of this course. The year culminates in taking the literature Advanced Placement examination. (Greenhills School, French V AP Literature)
  • Graham himself epitomized the classy Cas tag that has long been the wholemark of that club. (World of Rugby League, May 23, 2005)
  • What I have done below is outlining some of the observations I made in terms of what had transpired in this highly regarded alliance in areas of trade and currency exchanges between the two countries prior to the resumption of hostilities that had the wholemark of being aborted from its inception; reflecting on the outcome of the EEBC’s border ruling and sharing my own thoughts as to where we are going from here. (link)

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