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Chiefly in:   explanation mark , explanation point

Classification: English

Spotted in the wild:

  • Excessive punctuation prohibited (only a single period, question mark, explanation point, etc. allowed) (AME Info, advertisement specifications)
  • For a movie whose title practically begs to be followed by an explanation point, Rad is a surprisingly mellow affair. (Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, 2005)
  • I check in the setup and the USB is turned on and no IRQ conflicts. There is explanation mark next to the driver. (Dux Computer Digest forum, Feb 01, 2001)
  • Enter an explanation point (!) as the first character of the remarks line (no space) and enter the remaining remarks. (link)
  • Oh jeez, you were one away from the Epinions record for most consecutive run-on sentences ending with an explanation mark. (epinions.com, Sep 16, 2003)

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Some people appear to have idiosyncratic ideas about the use of this punctuation mark.

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