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  • Valence Bond Theory was developed by Linus Pauling and others in the late 1930’s to explain bonding and molecular geometry with one underlining theory. (link)
  • Will the video be entirely composed of live footage or will there also be an underlining story to it as well? (link)
  • Their moral code is strict and the underlining principle of hacking at the premier institute is “If you have to hack, hack by all means but help others.'’ (link)
  • There is an underlining story of three African American women (girlfriends) supporting each other as they strive together to fight against the odds. (link)
  • “If it’s not an e-mail from someone you know, be careful,” Brinn said. “That’s the underlining principle in which we all operate around here.” (The Daily Reflector, January 30, 2005)

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