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Spotted in the wild:

  • Trees and all plant life show signs in spring of the natural cycle of renewal. We do it, too. We may not be as obvious about it as the plum trees and the pale-blue cyanothus bush or the waxy camelia. Yet we do it nonetheless. (link)
  • Deer in the wild feed on herbs, fresh shoots of brush, shrubs such as cyanothus, and especially acorns in the fall. (link)
  • The brushy areas are also of several distinct kinds, but these merge into one another more or less, and with the exception of perhaps the sage, cyanothus and salmon berry regions, need not be considered as having peculiar avifauna. (link)

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Ceanothus is a blue-flowering bush native to California.

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    Commentary by anutian , 2005/09/16 at 1:16 am

    Is there another kind of Cyanothus, having simple flowers,just like a funnel?
    Could you send me a few cyanothus seeds to teh following adress?
    Str. GEORGE POBORAN, No.32
    SLATINA, 0500, Jud.OLT

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    Commentary by STANCIOIU ALEX , 2005/10/05 at 5:17 pm

    Mr Zwicky. Is there another kindof Cyanothus,having simple flowers,just like a funnel? could you send me a few CYANOTHUS seeds to the following adress: BOB ROBINSON CRISTIAN / GEORGE POBORAN STR./ NR 32 /SLATINA CYTY/0500-POSTAL CODE /OLT - JUD./ ROMANIA(EUROPE). THANK YOU.

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