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  • I think the FC, is an awsome example of empirical China, and it oozes history, but some of the history has been spoilt, in the charge for growth and in the persuit of the tourist’s money, with signs with the tag line “Made possible by our friends at American Express” and a nice big logo. (link)
  • wouldn’t be a long drive to Vegas, but they would have to deal with driving on what to them seems like the wrong side of the road, not to mention the empirical units of measurement (miles instead of kilometers) (link)
  • (iv) flexibility in using metric and empirical units; (link)
  • (Although this site uses empirical units it could easily adapted for metric). (link)
  • Of particular interest, Hanson’s discussion of the final days of Empirical Japan and General Sherman’s march through the South offer important lessons to the West during the global War on Terror. (Geopolitical Review)
  • How come no one complains that director Oliver Stone is glorifying empirical conquest? (link)

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_Empirical units_ is, however, an established term when referring to an ad-hoc framework for measuring experimental values.

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