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  • Many people with physical disabilities are also less exorcised about “people first” language than people with cognitive disabilities. In fact, many of the more radical people with physical disabilities call themselves names like “crips” and use it proudly. (link)
  • Now, what I can’t figure out here is the media angle. The media is all upset about this; media is exorcised about this, but I can’t figure out if they’re upset about the ethics of it or if they’re upset about the money. As I listen to the journalists, I honestly don’t know what they care about more here, what they’re all exorcised about the ethics or the money. (link)
  • First, the Washington press corps became exorcised about the news that a conservative columnist was secretly paid by the Bush Administration to promote its education policy. (link)
  • Considering that sex toys have been around — oh, thousands of years — it’s hard to comprehend why some politicians and fundamentalist religious groups, especially imn the Bible belt, get so exorcised about the idea of pleasuring the genitals. (Marianna Beck, Introduction to Rachel Maines Affidavit)

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The inverse eggcorn exorcise>exercise exists as well.

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    Commentary by Richard Carroll , 2006/04/04 at 7:24 am

    Could just be a spelling mistake; none of the quotes seem related to banishing spirits.

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