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  • Plus, there’s no “if” about it…we’ve definitely executed innocent people. It would be impossible to have a 100% fullproof system. (link)
  • how on earth can you extract information from somebody who maintains a poker face throughout the *entire* game? You can’t, this is precisely where the use of poker-faces lie. It’s fullproof if consistently maintained and this is precisely what these guys do… (link)
  • I should add that this program is not fullproof but has been working perfectly for me (link)
  • This classification method is however still being challenged, and does not seem to be fullproof. (link)
  • I usually forward the bill to the vendor along with a form letter asking the vendor to contact the publisher and make sure the billing address is the vendors and not ours. However, it isn’t a long term solution since it does cost us postage and is not fullproof. (link)

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  • Bogus Trumper, coopermktg, genthrob (link)

Note 2008-12-29. Michael Quinion notes on the ADS-L mailing list that this eggcorn can be traced quite far into the past:

> My son gave me a big collection of old SF magazines for Christmas. On the back cover of issue No 5 of Nebula Science Fiction for Autumn 1953 is an
advert: “A Full-proof Insurance Policy”.

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