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  • Loft complexes have been springing up in urban areas like Portland, Ore., Jack London Square in Oakland, Calif., the South of Market area in San Francisco and in New York City, to name a view. (DoItYourself.com)
  • If you looking for something unique at a good price, head for the South African department stores. These include Woolworths, Edgars, Stuttafords, Exclusive Books and @Home, to name a view. (Cape Spirit)
  • Their membership consists of people from diverse backgrounds and civilian occupations including members of the military, lawyers, pilots, farmers, paramedics, bus drivers, nurses, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, homemakers, private businesspeople to name a view. (Ontario Provincial Police)
  • For us for the time being, we’ve created a SQL database with a bunch of information gathered from many sources (IBM Director, Compaq CIM, BMC Patrol, Netview to name a view) plus manual input of information. (A Day in the Life of a Storage Systems Architect)
  • Asynchronous Web Services depend on a lot of advanced aspects of the .NET framework, including SOAP, XML, HTTP, CodeDOM, TCP/IP, WDSL, UDDI, multithreading, and delegates, to name a view. (Developer.com)
  • It features mucisians like Mike Stern, Bob Berg, the great Wayne Shorter and Allan Holdsworth to name a view. (MikeStern.org)
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